5 Card Draw

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If you are looking for a quick game of Poker then 5 Card Draw is definitely the game for you.

There are only three round of betting in this game. The first round is the Anti which is put on the table before the first lot of cards are dealt. This Anti shows you commitment to the game and your willingness to partake. The second round of betting is done after the dealer has dealt each player a total of five cards. These cards are all dealt face down, and hence the other players do not know what cards you hold.

After you have looked at your cards you may ask the dealer to replace any of the cards that you do not want. The only rule here is that if you are holding an Ace, and you wish to trade this Ace for another card, then it is considered etiquette to show the Ace to your fellow players.

The dealer will then deal out the required cards and the last round of betting will take place before all cards will be laid on the table face up and the player who holds the highest cards is the player who wins the pot.

A Royal Straight Flush is a set of cards (10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace – in the same suit) that will in all probability win you any poker game. A Straight Flush is second in line and here you will have consecutive numbers all in the same suit. Four of a kind is four numerically equal numbers all in different suits and a Full House is three consecutive numbers with a matching pair of numbers. A Flush is five cards not in numerical order but wall from the same suit, a Straight five consecutive numbers from different suits, Three of a Kind 3 card with the same face value with two cards that have no value in a poker game and Two Pairs is holding a set of two sets of numerically equivalent cards.

5 Card Draw is one of the oldest poker games that is played and at any online poker room, you will find the people who like playing this traditional game. Sit down, place your anti and experience what the game of poker is all about.

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