Bingo Fun

Bingofun online with great games on offer

BingoFun has been around so long it almost feels like part of the establishment. And you can see why. When it comes to providing great, all-round entertainment, there's nothing to match it on the internet. It's always busy with players, the chat room is awesome and always entertaining, no matter what time of day or night you visit. And the service and customer care are exemplary.

Most of us play bingo for the entertainment. Winning prizes or even jackpots is great when it happens...but it's not the only thing that brings us back to the same place, time and time again. But at BingoFun the winning comes thick and fast...and the prizes are for nickel and dime games, not costly quarters - though there are a few of these on the schedule. In fact you could choose pennies and pounds or euros and cents because the game has full support for a range of currencies.

The plus points start even before you begin. When you sign up, the chances are you'll get a bonus worth up to 100 free cards just to give the game a try. Make your first deposit and that will earn you a huge 200% bonus. After that you can get up to 150% bonus on every deposit depending on your VIP level. And, your buddies are not forgotten either. Just enter the nickname of a friend who is already a depositing member and they'll get a bonus worth double your first deposit.

As well as bingo, there are, of course, other games to keep you busy. Within the bingo hall itself you can play slots (three, four and five-reel, multi-line machines with great bonus features), keno, five kinds of pull tabs, three kinds of scratch cards, four multi-hand poker games and blackjack.

BingoFun has another great feature that sets it apart from the rest. As you play bingo or any of the side games, you will earn Goodtime Points - one for every dollar, opound or Euro that you spend. As these build up, you can exchange them for bonus bucks.

And, if you're prepared to be loyal to BingoFun, the rewards can be huge. A built-in VIP program means that the more points you earn, the higher your VIP level. And the higher your VIP level, the higher your earning rate and the higher your deposit bonuses. It's a win, win proposition!

As well as offering great value entertainment, there is one more feature which is probably the most important of all - and it's something which sets InterContinental Casino's games apart from the rest (they also run Zany Bingo, Zodiac Bingo and Ruby Bingo). All prizes and jackpots at BingoFun are paid in cash - not a mix of cash and bonus money like some games, but pure cash you can cashout right away. That may mean that BingoFun will never match some of the massive deposit bonuses you see being offered at other sites, but their policy is more honest...and better for us players in the long run.