Baccarat is one of the online games that can be found at all online casinos.It popularity comes from the fact that there are only two players in any Baccarat game, the player and the banker, so there are no external distractions.

In any Baccarat game there will always be a level of wagering that will be set down.There will be a minimum and a maximum amount, and it is up to you as the player to determine the amount placed on the table.

Placing a bet on the Baccarat Table signifies the beginning of the game.The banker will deal two cards to the player and two cards for him/herself.All cards will be laid on the table face up.

The aim of Baccarat is to get your cards to add up to 9 or as close to 9 as possible. Ace has a value of 1, 2 to 9, irrespective of what suite are added at face value and 10, Jack, Queen and King have absolutely no value whatsoever and hence do not pay any significant role in this game.

If you are dealt relatively low value cards, you can ask for extra cards (hit), until you are satisfied with the value that you are holding (stand) .The banker is allowed this same.Once you both get to this stage, it is ascertained who is closest to 9, and this person is the winner.

Should, when you ask for a “hit” exceed 9, you will be “bust” and the banker automatically wins the round.

Should you be dealt two cards that hold exactly the same value, you may split your hand and play two hands.The same rules apply to your second hand and an equivalent bet would need to be placed on the table.

Baccarat is a favourite game amongst the online gaming fraternity and at any online casino that offers table games,many games can be found.For those players who do not mind the isolation of the game, the normal online baccarat game will suffice, but for those who like a bit of human interaction, live games are also available.