Online casinos offer a variety of games, but one of the most popular casino games that is played repetitively is online slots. Each online casino, together with their software provider offers you a multitude of Slot machines games with many variables. There are 3-reel Slots, 5-reel Slot, Multi Slot, Progressive Slots and Bonus Slots that can all played.

3-reel Slots have only 3 lines with 5 possible payout lines – 3 horizontal payout lines and 2 diagonal payout lines. This game is fast and very simple to understand.

5-reel Slots have 5 lines has many more permutations and the game that you decide to play will depict how many different payout lines there are. 5-reel slots are generally more popular than the classic or standard 3-reel slot as here there are normally bonuses and jackpots involved and as extra bonus.

Multi Slot Machines are very similar to 5-reel Slots, but here, depending on the software that is being used and the game being played, has a multitude of different payout lines and other incentives.

Progressive Slots are very enticing and exciting as there is always a large sum of money involved for those who hit the winning combination. As a general rule of thumb, to be able to win the Progressive Slots, you have to bid the maximum bid that is allowed otherwise, if you land up with the winning combination, you will not qualify for the grand prize on a lesser bid.

Bonus Slots are very much like your standard 3-Reel Slot except here there are numerous and special incentives such as additional bonus rounds where you can get free spins, double your winnings and on some machines even some very lucrative cash prizes.

Slots are played for fun and fun alone, and there is very little probability that this game will make you excessively rich, except if you play the Progressive slots, but what it will give you is hours of fun and many ways to line your online account with a few extra Rands, Pound, Euros or Dollars, or whatever currency you are playing in.

Remember to always read the rules and regulations pertaining to each game so that you do not unknowingly place a bet on a online slot machine, spin, land up with the correct combination, just to find that you do not qualify for the main prize due to some rule that has not been followed.