The Slots Journey

Slots as we know them today are a very intricate part of gambling. There is no doubt that without Slot Machines the clientèle at any Casino irrespective of it being a Land Based Casino or an Online Casino would not make the grade as they are no doubt the major source of revenue.

The Slot Machine has been around since the mid Eighteen Hundreds when it was first designed by Charles Frey. The first of its kind was called the Liberty Bell or otherwise known as the One Armed Bandit by virtue of the fact that the Slot Machine had a single metal rod that had to be pulled in order to activate the reels to rotate. The Slot Machine mechanism was of a mechanical nature, and thus was easy to “fix” so as to limit the payouts. The fate of the Slots Machine was very much in the balance, and with time a gambling law was created to prevent such malpractices.

Around the mid Nineteen Hundreds, the first electro-mechanical Slot Machine was developed. Although it was very similar to the “One Arm Bandit” , the internal parts of the original Slot Machine was replaced by electrical components, and multiple coin play lead to larger Jackpot payouts – thus creating a greater interest among gamblers.

Towards the latter part of the Nineteen Hundreds and with increasingly newer technologies being introduced on a continual basis, the Video Poker Slot Machine was born. Although players were a little sceptical of all the new technology in the beginning, these machines have become the backbones to all Casinos.

As we speak today, new games and game bonuses are being designed for the Slot Machine. Video Slot Machines offer exciting game play with some of the most vivid graphics and sound with increasing bonuses structures and bonus rounds which include free spins or bonus picks.

Since Online Gaming was introduced, the amount of players/gamblers has increased to an alarming figure. Online Gaming, and in particular Online Slots has opened doors to those who by nature would not ever have stepped inside a Casino by choice, and also given persons who are handicapped in one way or the other an outlet to entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.