5 Card Stud

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Although this is a relatively easy game to play, and hence is quiet popular, it does has its own set of rules and requires a certain level of skill.

At the beginning of each 5 Card Stud game, an Anti needs to be placed. This is a minimum amount required to be wagered which stakes you claim to play in this game. Once this Anti has been placed by all players, two cards are dealt. One card is held in the hand, while the other card is laid face up on the table. The player with the lowest card then opens the wagering. The betting then starts on the left of that player and goes around the table till that player is reached again. Another three cards are dealt, one at a time with a betting round after each card.

Once each player has 5 cards and the last round of betting has taken place then it is time for the showdown. The showdown signifies the end of the game. This is when each player has to reveal their cards and the person who holds the highest value of cards is the person who will claim the pot.

At each betting round, the players can either decide to fold (opt out of the game) check (place an equivalent bet to the player on the right) or raise (place a bet that not only equals the previous bet, but is increased as well)

The terminology used in 5 Card Stud is as follows:

  • Ante - A predetermined amount of money that is placed on the table before the game begins
  • Bring-in - An opening wager that is placed by the person who holds the lowest card that is placed face up on the table.
  • Door Card - The card that is placed on the table face up.
  • Street Cards - Third Street, Fourth Street and Fifth Street cards are the third, fourth and fifth cards that are dealt.
  • Live Cards - All cards that are in players hands and closed to all other players.

5 Card Stud is an exciting game. It is a game where a certain amount of skill is required and hence a bit more of a thinking game.

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