Rummy is a fun game and the whole aim behind rummy is to be the first player to discard of all your cards. Rummy and can be played between 2 to 6 players. If there are 2 players, 10 cards are dealt to each player. 3 to 4 players 7 cards each and 5 to 6 players 6 cards each.

Each player picks up their dealt cards and arranges them according to suite or number combinations. The balance of the cards are placed face down (the draw pile) on the table with one card face up (discard pile).

The first player will either take a card from the draw pile, place it in his hand to use and then choose another card from his hand to discard. The second player will either pick up the discarded card if he can use it in his hand, or he will also take a card from the draw pile. This will carry on till either player can put down a Run or a Set of cards.

A Run is when you have three or more consecutive numbers in the same suit and a Set is three or more cards of the same demonization but in different suits.

Once cards have been placed on the table, Laying Off (optional) can be used. This is when cards can be taken from a hand and placed on the table by either adding to or subtracting from what is already placed on the table. The only rule here is that more cards can be added, but if cards are taken away, at least 3 cards have to remain together in a set or run.

The end of the game will come when one player, after picking up a card from the draw pile can lay out all his cards by either putting down a set, a run or by melding, laying off or discarding. This person will be the winner and the game would have come to an end.

Rummy is a game that has no time constrains on it as it is a game that is purely dictated by the cards that are held in the various players hands.

Rummy requires a certain amount of skill and sometimes a quick thinking mind, but generally it is a game of fun.